Entry #1

Less Chodin', more Lemon'.

2010-04-26 07:12:44 by Lemonfoot

I've got a bunch of more Lemonfoot in the works, including a full song mashing 8-bit lemonfootin' with modern day what-have-yous. Stay tuned and keep footin' that lemon, if ya know what I mean ;).


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2010-04-26 07:51:45

How to Make a Lemon Foot Mask

Step 1

Break the egg into a mixing bowl and whisk it for a few seconds.
Step 2

Whisk in the vodka, whipping cream, freshly squeezed lemon juice, lemon essential oil and vitamin E oil.
Step 3

Pour the lemon food scrub into a basin, and soak your feet for 15 to 20 minutes. As you are soaking your feet, use your opposite feet and toes to massage the scrub into your skin. Lift your feet out of the scrub for a few minutes to allow the scrub to dry on your skin, then soak and massage them again. Rinse well and pat your feet dry with a soft towel.

Tips & Warnings

You can also mix the lemon foot mask in a blender, or use a stick blender.
Throw a fun spa party. Invite your friends over, and give everyone a glass of wine, a basin of lemon foot scrub and a soft towel. You can pamper your tootsies while you visit and catch up on gossip with one another.

Lemonfoot responds:

The only thing that would enhance the Lemon Foot Masking experience is a swift kick from the Lemonfoot


2010-04-26 08:05:10

that's fuckin bomb dude, thanks a bunch for that

my feet will be the lemonist of them all


2010-04-29 19:43:50

way to double chode bro

Lemonfoot responds:

Bro life is a chode.


2010-05-01 20:15:14

you're a chode


2010-05-10 03:15:38

two weeks since you posted this and still no new lemonfoot

way to chode